Deer Body Hair



Hareline's dyed deer body hair maintains it's natural speckling and is perfect for spinning deer hair and other fly tying applications. This premium deer hair is long, tough, expertly dyed, and naturally buoyant to keep your flies floating high. Great for both fresh and saltwater flies and available in natural and dyed over natural colors.

  • Hide measures approximately 2" x 2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Z.
Dyed Deer Body Hair

These patches are dense with relatively long fibers. I've tied only one fly since receiving them but the hair handled and spun well. They seem to be very high quality and are evenly dyed. No worries here!

Marty Elton
Fantastic Hair for Poppers!

Will use it to make deer hair popping bugs to use in a neighborhood Bass pond.

Connor Wilson
Great For Spinning!

I don't think you could get better deer hair. All the colors i've ordered look fantastic, are dyed wonderfully and are all filled with long and tough hair. The quality of this deer hair has got to be up there with the best and I wouldn't look anywhere else from my experience. This stuff is nicely cured too, the patch has no noticeable odor and is just packed with hair. Great deer hair at a reasonable price.