Hareline Deer Belly Hair



Hareline's Deer Belly Hair is the best fly tying hair for spinning and stacking. This premium deer belly hair floats well and is dyed over bleached white to give you the brightest colors possible. Perfect for tying bass bugs!

  • 2-3" long hair fibers
  • 2" x 2" hide

We also offer Deer Belly Hair Combo Packs with 6 popular color samples.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
brad robinson
White deer belly hair, hareline product

Terrible un usable, not fly artist fault. Hareline products are terrible.
Not just this product.
I bought a grizzly hen cape, junk, I bought a starling skin, junk. Fly artist service is great, but hareline sucks.

Peter P.

Necessary for anyone trying to make spun deer hair heads. Game changer from spinning with hollow buck tail fibers, much fuller, denser bulkheads and poppers can be produced with the belly hair. Great asset to have at the bench to experiment with.

Kino S.
Great Hair For Bass Bugs!

This deer belly hair from Hareline is fantastic. I use it for making spun deer hair heads on bass bugs. The criteria I'm looking for when tying for this purpose are all met with this deer hair. It spins great, floats well, and stays densely packed together. Great stuff and shipped super fast from Fly Artist!

Bo Hanson
Best Quality Deer Belly Hair!

I will use this deer belly hair to tie hair wing salmon flies. I am particularly pleased with the colours, quality and generous sizes of the patches.

Robert Maxwell
Best Spinning Hair!

I bought this stuff for the first time last month, and I have to say, after spinning body hair for years, this stuff spins unbelievably easily! Plus, the dyed colors look a lot better, and it takes a lot less pressure to spin(in fact, I've spun it with 8/0 thread without the thread breaking), a must-have for serious bass bug tiers.