Hareline Coq de Leon Feathers



When it comes to fly fishing, presentation is everything. The way your fly lands on the water can make or break your chances of catching a fish. This is where Coq de Leon's natural tailing material comes in. Its natural stiffness and unique texture make it an excellent material for creating flies that perfectly mimic the movements of insects. It also has a unique coloration that can add an element of realism to your flies that's perfect for setting the scene on the river.

Coq de Leon has been used for centuries in traditional fly tying, and the material has gained popularity among modern fly fishers for its exceptional quality and versatility. The material is typically used to create things like dry flies and nymphs, and the durability ensures the patterns hold up well even after several uses.

One of the best characteristics of this Coq de Leon is the color range. The feathers come in various natural colors, including black, gray, brown, and ginger, making them great for creating realistic patterns that match the color of local insects in your fishing location. The material is also incredibly lightweight, which allows the fly to float on top of the water and mimic the natural movement of insects. This is the ultimate natural tailing material for dry flies. It's speckled, long, and stiff.

If you're a fly fishing enthusiast looking to create high-quality and effective fly patterns, Coq de Leon is a must-have.

  • 12 feathers per pack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Benjamin L.
Best Tailing Material...PERIOD!

These are perfect for making tails. Much easier to use than hackle. My only complaint is that they are little expensive, not affording me to buy multiple colors.

Ross M.
Great Feathers

Coq De Leon fibers makes great great tails on dry flies and nymphs - stiff, thin, and reasonably resilient. They do cost a bit more than most feathers but are worth it.

Aaron D.
Best Feathers For Tails

I have used many other natural feathers for the tails of my nymphs. I ordered the Coq de Leon and was amazed at the strength and ease of use. Will be loading up on the other colors soon.