Hareline Brown Rooster Saddle



Hareline's Brown Rooster Saddles are very nice saddles for tying Woolly Buggers and other streamer patterns. These natural hackle feathers are long with barb lengths that are suitable for size 8 to 14 flies. The stems are thin and flexible, making them perfect for winding (palmering) around your fly, or for creating great movement in the water. They can also be used for larger dry flies!

Please note: These are natural brown saddles with beautiful color variation (as pictured). Hareline has not updated the product labels on these from "Dyed Over White" to "Natural Brown", so the product labels are incorrect. You will receive a Natural Brown saddle (as pictured).

  • Natural brown rooster saddle
  • 10" to 12" long feathers on average
  • For flies in the 8 to 14 range on average. There will be a few feathers outside this range.
  • Saddles measure approximately 15" to 18" in overall length