Black Barred Rabbit Strips



Hareline's Black Barred Rabbit Strips are cut from Grade A rabbit hide and are the best quality rabbit strips on the market. Each strip is specially dyed with black and colored stripes for added contrast. These 1/8” strips are soft, full, and create an attractive movement in the water. Excellent for fresh and saltwater patterns in a wide range of sizes. Use them for zonkers, leeches, and a multitude of other patterns.

  • 1/8" wide x 10" long
  • 4 strips per pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Esteban R.
Great Rabbit Strips!

Nothing moves like Zonker Strips underwater. The extremely soft fur breathes extremely well in current. And the black bars add a great touch too because they look like natural markings.

Tom W.
Makes great zonkers!

Makes Zonker patterns along with various bass patterns more life like colors durable life like action in the water. Would recommend these zonker strips to anyone and everyone!

Walter C.
Bass, Pike, & Musky Streamers

I use these on my bass, pike, and musky streamers. The barring adds a lot of color contrast in the water which seems to trigger a lot more fish throughout the day. These are high quality rabbit strips with excellent movement.

Edward Miranda
Great Movement & Colors!

I got some of the black barred crawfish orange. The movement in the water is incredible. The color is spot gorgeous and is great for sculpins and crawfish patterns.