Arctic Fox Zonker Strip



Hareline's Arctic Fox Zonker Strips are what you've been looking for for collars and wings on intruders, and getting creative with your favorite Salmon and Steelhead patterns. These zonker strips have extremely soft hairs that display great movement in the water and really make your flies come alive. Spin these fibers into a dubbing loop to build a wiggly shoulder on an intruder, or tie them in on a hook shank for the wing on any traditional steelhead fly. You'll love the way Arctic Fox Zonkers look and move when your fly swims. The fish will love them even more. Hareline's Arctic Fox Zonkers are available in 12 fish-attracting colors!

  • 1 zonker strip per pack
  • 1/8" wide hide
  • 8" long strip (approx.)
  • 2" long hair (approx.)

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