Arctic Fox Tail Hair



Arctic Fox Tail Hair is a popular fly tying material among saltwater fly tyers. This Arctic Fox Tail Hair from Hareline features premium select hair fibers that are 3 to 3-1/2 inches long and has a lively, supple, flowing nature that creates superior movement in the water. The action, undulation, and pulsating movement is second to none. It is a great material for tying tails on shrimp patterns, wings on Bonefish flies, and collars on Tarpon flies. It's also the perfect material for dubbing loops to build shoulders on intruders, and also is well suited for tying wings or tails on traditional salmon and steelhead fly patterns. Many fly tyers use Arctic Fox Tail Hair as a substitute to Marabou, Craft Fur, and other synthetic fibers because of its softness and attractive movement in the water. It's incredibly easy to work with and has plenty of fibers to tie dozens of flies. Hareline's Arctic Fox Tail Hair is available in 12 fish-attracting colors!

  • Approximately 3" to 3-1/2" long hair fibers
  • Premium select hair