Hard Foam Popper Bodies w/ Hooks


If you're just starting out tying poppers or making a small number of them, these hard foam popper body sets are the perfect choice. These Perfect Poppers are constructed of high-density, durable foam that floats high on the water's surface. The hard foam bodies come with matching Mustad Signature CK52S hooks. Just add materials like feathers, synthetics, rubber legs, eyes, epoxy, and acrylic paint or sharpies to make them your own. Assembly instructions included. 10 popper bodies with hooks per pack!

Available in your choice of 4 styles:

  • Bream (sizes #10, #12)
  • Pencil (sizes #1, #4)
  • Saltwater (sizes #2, #2/0)
  • Tapered, Cupped, Slotted (TCS) (sizes #1, #4, #8)