Griffin Standard Bobbin


Griffin Enterprises

Griffin Standard Bobbins are made with durable stainless steel construction. These high quality and affordable fly tying bobbins are highly polished with all burrs and rough edges removed to ensure endless hours of fly tying enjoyment. The flared infeed tube allows for easy threading and reduced wax build-up, while the delrin feet offer smooth and complete control over thread tension. Griffin standard bobbins have the same features as more expensive models without the added expense of ceramic tips. Great for budget and expert fly tiers alike, Griffin bobbins ensure you get the absolute best fly tying bobbins at the most competitive price. 4" in length and available in your choice of standard or flared tube styles.

  • Standard Bobbin - Griffin's most popular bobbin. The flared infeed end means easier threading, while its size is perfect for all around fly tying. Great for use with all standard fly tying threads.
  • Flared Bobbin - Flared on both ends for delicate materials. Great on everything from floss, tinsel, lead wire, and the finest of threads.