Flashabou Original



Flashabou is the original metallic tinsel flash for fly tying and lure making. Made of soft mylar strands, Flashabou has brilliant light-reflecting properties and a lifelike movement in the water. Perfect for salmon, steelhead, pike, and saltwater flies as well as jigs, spinnerbaits, and bucktails. The fish love this stuff!

  • 1/69" wide strands
  • 10" in length
  • 1700+ strands per pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fabienne B.
Great reflection, easy to tie

Love this stuff. It's super simple to work with, and it gives saltwater flies just the right amount of flash, with awesome movement in the water. Highly recommend.

Joe Jackson
Looks good on my bass jigs

Added some flashabou to my hand-tied bass jigs. Now I can't wait to give them a try. Cool looking material and should produce!

Kevin Long
Great Flash for Freshwater Flies

I use Flashabou Original exclusively for certain freshwater flies I tie that I want to add a little flash to (whether across the body, or just in the tail). A large portion of my new-age woolly buggers always get 2-4 piece of flash in them to add that extra sparkle to grab the attention of nearby fish. Its got great flash and sparkle, and it's strong to hold up in all my flies (without cement added in to secure it). As for saltwater, I'd probably get the heavier krystal flash/pearl sparkle flash etc. Overall, a great product. And one group of flashabou will get you at least 100 flies (probably more).

Chip H.

Use the flash for trout streamer flies. Creates the additional flash to attract the trout. Great product!

Matthew R.
Great Pike Streamer Material

Hedron Flashabou is one of my most frequently used materials for medium size pike streamers. I usually build up the whole fly with this material which is very soft and plays lively in the water. The black color is especially effective on my home waters, but all of them are great.