Fish-Skull Senyo's Articulated Shank for Steel & Salmon Flies


Flymen Fishing Company

Fish-Skull and Greg Senyo have teamed up to develop a specialized shank for use in tying intruder-style and other modern steelhead and salmon flies. These high quality shanks have sought-after features such as a loop-up eye at the front of the shank, stronger stainless steel wire for both freshwater & saltwater flies, and a slightly smaller rear loop which allows you to attach hooks directly onto the shank or accommodate your favorite trailer hook wire. Available in two sizes and 5 vibrant colors, Senyo's articulated shanks will enable you to take the color blending of your flies to a whole new level. A top pick by the best steelhead and salmon fisherman from around the world!

  • Available in 25mm & 40mm lengths
  • 20 shanks per pack

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