Fish-Skull Next Generation Exchanger Shanks


Flymen Fishing Company

The new Exchanger Shank (ESH) is an innovative, 20mm articulated shank with a special shank-to-shank connector that allows you to change out different sections of your fly after the fly is tied. It also can be used as an easy method to securely attach the main body to the front hook of your articulated fly. (25 Shanks Per Pack)

Special Rear Connector

Allows you to connect-and-disconnect shanks at will after the fly is tied to replace sections of your fly (example: Tails).

Also used to connect articulated bodies to front hook.

Triangular design reduces the gap between body segments to create tighter bodies

Loop Eye

Stronger than a ring eye, the loop eye eliminates chance of shank failure enabling you to land bigger, stronger fish.

Extended Wire Tags

Parallel wire strands create an even base platform to wrap the thread and materials along the entire length of the shank. Makes it easier to wrap, more precise and overall, much stronger shank.

25 Shanks Per Pack