Fish-Skull Living Eyes


Flymen Fishing Company


Fish Skull Living Eyes are designed with photo-realistic holographic technology and high-resolution images of real fish eyes. This comprehensive range of fly tying eyes is designed to fit everything from small trout patterns to large predator flies. Fish Skull Living Eyes have an adhesive backing, but for a permanent solution we recommend using a glue like Zap-A-Gap.

  • 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm - 20 eyes per pack
  • 8.5mm, 10mm - 16 eyes per pack
  • 15mm - 12 eyes per pack

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Jason Cook
      Easy to use

      Fit right on Fish Skull Mask for easy to tie streamers.

      John S.
      Best Lure Making Eyes

      I am a lure maker and these are the most lifelike eyes that you can get. The four colors that they offer are perfect, but I prefer the Ice color for most of the baits I make. If you're looking for the most realistic 3D dome lures, look no further. I recommend these to all of my lure making friends and they all love them.

      Greg D
      Realistic Fish Eyes!

      These are the most realistic eyes I've ever used on my fly tying. Literally brings the fly to life. Not sure if they actually helped me catch more and bigger fish, but my catch rate has certainly gone up.

      Justin Lamb
      I Won't Use Any Other Eye

      The only way to finish any streamer! Absolutely love!

      Tye W.
      Realistic Eyes

      Very realistic, glue these to any of your streamers and add a ton of life to them. I even put them on my crankbaits for bass. If your baits look good you'll fish with more confidence.