Enrico Puglisi EP Sparkle Brush 3"


Enrico Puglisi

Enrico Puglisi Sparkle Brushes have many uses for both fresh and saltwater fly patterns. These 3" wide brushes are great for northern pike, musky, tarpon, and striper streamers, as well as salmon and steelhead intruders with only a single brush. Just wrap EP sparkle brush around the hook shank, trim to shape, and you're ready to go slay some fish. No matter what fly you’re tying, EP sparkle brushes will add the perfect amount of flash and sparkle every time. Available in 16 sparkly colors!

  • 6 brushes per pack
  • Blend of EP UV Sparkle
  • 10" long x 3" wide
  • Stainless steel wire core
  • Extremely durable
  • Won't absorb water - Easy to cast

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Carl C.
EP Sparkle Brush

Perfect for my articulating streamers. Head’s should push a buttload of water. Love this product!

Jonathan O
I love this stuff

I absolutely love tying with this brush. It makes a quick, durable fly with movement and bulk, without a lot of weight. It holds up very well to bluefish!

Bill Easton
Sparkle Brush

These brushes are easy to use and the fish can't get enough of the sparkle that they put off. The material has held up to some pretty toothy fish. Thanks for the quick delivery too, Fly Artist!

Joel Montgomery
Flashy Goodness

These sparkle brushes build an awesome body on streamer patterns and look amazing in the water. Tons of movement and about as flashy as you can get. These brushes save a ton of time when tying, so that you can spend more time out fishing. I would highly recommend tying some streamers with it!