EP Foxy Brush 3" Wide


Enrico Puglisi

EP Foxy Brush 3″ Wide is the perfect material for wrapping collars on larger flies, especially for Tarpon as well as Salmon & Steelhead intruder flies. These premium brushes are a combination of Indigo Fox Tail, EP Fibers, EP Silky Fibers, and UV Sparkle twisted beautifully in a stainless steel wire and ready for you to wrap. The EP Fibers will give your fly collars the perfect amount of bulk they need to push water while the taper of the guard hairs in the fox tail add a lifelike movement to your fly. EP Foxy Brush 3″ Wide will also allow you to control the sink rate of your fly. The more wraps you use, the slower the sink rate and more buoyant your fly will become. EP Foxy Brushes are a must-have fly tying material when targeting big game fish like Salmon, Steelhead, Tarpon, Striper and Saltwater species. Available in 18 fish-attracting colors!

  • 6 brushes per pack
  • 10" long x 3" wide
  • Stainless steel wire core
  • Extremely durable
  • Won't absorb water - Easy to cast

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