Dyed Mirage Lateral Scale 1/69"



The ever-popular Lateral Scale now offered in 1/69" wide strands and dyed to the most popular Opal Mirage colors! Dyed Mirage Lateral Scale is a pearlescent Flashabou material that has been "crimped" to create the impression of reflective fish scales. The Opal Mirage coloring reflects a ton of light and adds a lifelike baitfish appearance to your flies. This material is very easy to work with. Use it on streamers, bass bugs, saltwater patterns, and even wing cases on nymphs. Also perfect for use on spinnerbait skirts as well as musky bucktails. Available in 6 scaley reflective colors!

  • 1/69"wide x 10" long strands
  • 500 strands per pack (approx)