Dr. Slick Titanium Bobbin


Dr. Slick

Dr. Slick Titanium Bobbin's are their top-of-the-line fly tying bobbins. These high quality fly tying bobbins feature stainless steel and brass construction with adjustable tension legs and delrin feet for smooth spool control. The titanium oxide inserts offer the same great benefits as ceramic such as smooth thread application, but also resist chips, grooves, and burrs for the life of the product. If you want a fly tying bobbin that will last a lifetime, look no further than Dr. Slick's titanium bobbins. Available in your choice of 3" or 4" lengths!

  • 3" Bobbin - For up-close and detailed work on midge to small size flies.
  • 4" Bobbin - A great all-purpose bobbin size. Sprung to hold even the smallest spools.