Double Pupil Lead Eyes



Hareline's double pupil lead eyes have contrasting colored pupils that give your fly a lifelike appearance. These high quality lead eyes add a ton of weight, action, and a realistic look to your fly that are unrivaled by anything else on the market. Double pupil lead eyes are a mainstay fly tying material for tying bass, pike, salmon, and saltwater streamers flies such as the Clouser Minnow and more. If there was one dumbbell eye that we would recommend to our customers, this would be the one! Double pupil lead eyes are available in your choice of 5 sizes and 10 fish-attracting colors. 10 eyes per pack.

  • X-Small - 3.2mm
  • Small - 4mm
  • Medium - 4.8mm
  • Large - 5.5mm
  • X-Large - 6.3mm

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