Dennison Blood Knot Tyer


Dennison Research

The Dennison Blood Knot Tool makes tying blood & barrel knots quick and easy. It is widely regarded as the best tool for those making their own hand tied leaders or for doing leader repair. This must-have fly fishing tool includes illustrated and easy to read instructions, so you'll be tying perfect symmetric blood knots in no time.

  • Tie perfect blood knots quick and easy
  • Instructions included
  • Made In The USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bob F.
Greatest Knot Tool Ever Made!

I had struggled for a long time try to tie blood knots with very limited success and marveled at the guy who ties them with toothpick. I finally ordered this tool and have been overwhelmed by its ease of use with fantastic results. I tied several knots without a bad one being made then I got to thinking about how nice it would be to have both hands free so I took an old vise I wasn't using and made me a tool holder of the knot tyer. NOW I've got both hands free and this tool is a gem. I love it!
I could not find anything that I disliked or I thought needed to be improved upon. GREAT TOOL!

Elijah J.
Great Knot Tyer

I've always had trouble tying blood knots for my leaders. This knot tying tool saves me countless hours of frustration. Well worth the money. Tried many others, this is the only one that is simple and works well.

Best ever blood knot tool

I’ve used this tool for about 20 years to make my own leaders. It is so simple and fun to use. I keep mine in an Altoids tin