Danville Flymaster Plus Thread (140 Denier)



Danville Flymaster Plus is an excellent all-purpose fly tying thread. This 140 denier version is waxed, lies flat, and hits the sweet spot between a 3/0 and 6/0 thread, making it perfect for mid to large size flies. Extremely popular and available in 25 beautifully vivid colors.

  • 140 denier
  • 100 yd. spool

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Winters
Great Thread for Big Flies!

This Danville 140 denier is an excellent thread when you need to put pressure on your materials while tying big flies. The fluorescent pink is a great saltwater color for shrimp patterns.

Charlie M.
Can't go wrong with this 140D thread!

I cannot say enough good things about Danville. Not only is it made in NH where I live, it's also, hands down, my favorite thread. Just picked up my first two spools of 140D in Fl blue and shrimp pink. I've been using UTC 140 because I can't find Danville in that size near me (ironic right?). It's a great all around thread that you just can't go wrong with. Buy one of each color. You won't be disappointed!!!

Daniel Harris
Great Fly Tying Thread!

I make a lot of bass flies. I needed something that wasn't too thick and wouldn't break easily. The Danville 140 denier thread is great and the color selection suits my patterns. Will be getting more of this thread in the future.