Chocklett's Body Wrap



Blane Chocklett and Hareline teamed up to develop Chocklett's Body Wrap, the ultimate material for tying the famous 'Game Changer' style of flies. This innovative fly tying material is stitched on both ends to render more flies per pack. You can trim it at an angle to achieve the perfect taper as you wind, and the remaining piece is useable for another segment or fly. Game Changers have never been so easy to make! No more gaps between the segments. Best of all, the design of the material allows for the body of the fly to be tied thicker. In turn making the fly swim better in the water. Pair Chocklett's Body Wrap with Fish-Skull Fish Spines & Articulated Shanks to create your very own version of the Game Changer streamer. Available in 10 game changing colors!

  • 1.5" wide
  • 2 yards per pack

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