Chicone's Crusher Legs



Drew Chicone is proud to announce his latest product collaboration with his friends at Hareline Dubbin! Through rigorous product testing, he has struck the perfec combination of realistic representation and impressionism, giving you Chicone's Crusher Legs! These new silicone legs will give life to your old patterns and take your fly tying creations to the next level.

Although Chicone's Crusher Legs look bright in the package, when you separate the individual legs, they are actually very translucent with a light barring which is very different from most other legs on the market that are a solid color or barred black. The clear barred legs were designed to look more natural in the water, revealing only a scant amount of barred color for attracting attention over a light colored bottom or sand. The olive, tan, and orange are perfect for emulating tiny crustaceans hiding among the grass and mangrove root on the flats.

Drew likes the Micro and Regular sized legs for traditional redfish, bonefish, and permit patterns. The Wide sized legs were designed for creating ultra realistic translucent underbodies that matched the crustaceans legs. The UV Reactive dye used to create Chicone's Crusher Legs will give your flies a unique and realistic appearance in the water. Chicone's Crusher Legs are without a doubt the most unique legs on the market and we can't recommend them enough. Available in 3 sizes and 16 fish-attracting colors!

  • Micro - 5.5" long skirts / 80 legs per pack - Ideal for smaller redfish, bonefish, and permit patterns
  • Regular - 5.5" long skirts / 88 legs per pack - Ideal for traditional redfish, bonefish, and permit pattern
  • Wide - 11" long skirts / 36 legs per pack - Ideal for translucent underbodies. Also great for large predatory species patterns.