Cashmere Goat Hair


Spirit River

Cashmere goat hair is a natural fly tying material that is long, straight, and incredibly supple. It provides a translucent and shimmery shine much like polar bear hair, but with the enticing, flowy movement of soft marabou. It tapers beautifully and is a proven favorite for saltwater and warmwater baitfish imitations for Bass, Pike, and Muskie. It's especially popular among Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead fly tiers for dressing long, seductively sparse tube flies like the deadly Sunray Shadow and Collie Dog. Cashmere goat hair will add an extremely lifelike and enticing movement to your streamers that fish simply can't resist. Available in 8 fish-attracting colors!

  • 5" - 8" long hair fibers
  • 2.5" x 2.5" hide patch