C&F Design Rotary Hackle Pliers


C&F Design

C&F Design Rotary Hackle pliers are a pro quality tool for securely grabbing and winding hackle around your fly. This handy tool has many features that other hackle pliers do not. The inner side of the pliers have a sandblasted finish which gives them the perfect amount of non-slip grip to secure your hackle. The elastomer rubber absorbs shock and retains optimum pressure on your materials. The free-angle hackle pliers feature silky smooth movement for faster winding without twisting hackle. C&F Design makes some of the best quality and aesthetically pleasing tools on the market and these Rotary Hackle Pliers are no exception. If you're looking for the best quality fly tying tools on the market, look no further than C&F Design!

  • Free-angle hackle pliers
  • Super smooth rotary movement
  • Faster winding without twisting hackle
  • Knurled handle for secure grip
  • Model #: CFT-140
  • Made in Japan