Brassie Hair Packer


Whitetail Fly Tying Supplies

The Brassie Hair Packer is an essential tool for fly tiers that are spinning deer hair or who simply need to pack materials tightly along the hook shank. After spinning the hair on the hook-shank, squeeze the "notches" in this tool around the hook-shank. Push and tightly pack the hair and thread back at the same time. Repeat as needed. The Brassie Tool Packer is the best-selling tool of its kind. No other tool does it better! Available in 3 sizes.

  • 1/32" - For hook sizes 10-18
  • 3/64" - For hook sizes 1/0-8
  • 1/16" - For hook sizes 2/0-6/0

Helpful instructions:

To obtain maximum benefit from this hair packer, wrap a 3/16" thread base before spinning or stacking the first clump(s) of hair. Center the thread on the 3/16" thread base. Spin or stack hair over the thread base. Advance the thread another 3/16" and center the thread over the thread base before spinning or stacking the second clump(s) of hair. Compress the Brassie over the hook shank and pack both the thread and the hair. When compressing the hair use the opposite hand to apply an equal amount of pressure on the other side of the hair. DO NOT TWIST the Brassie when packing the hair. The thread may be damaged or broken. Place a drop of Flexible Head Cement at the base of each compressed clump of hair.

This tool may be adjusted with needle nose pliers to permit an overlap of the face or allow both sides to abut.