Big Fly Fiber with Curl



Big Fly Fiber is a fly tying material that is perfect for large body flies with long tails. This unique material has one end that is very curly which gives your fly the bulk and volume needed to move a lot of water. These curls also add an erratic side to side movement which imitate wounded and confused baitfish. The opposite end consists of long, finely tapered fibers that create a flowy, lifelike movement in the water. Large predatory fish such as Pike, Musky, Salmon, Steelhead, and Saltwater game fish absolutely love the movement that Big Fly Fiber produces. It's also lightweight, sheds water easily, and is extremely easy to cast. If you're tying up large profile flies for predatory fish, Big Fly Fiber is one of our top recommendations. Available in a ton of solid and multi-color blends to suit your fly tying needs!

  • 10" - 12" in length
  • Approximately 6 grams of fiber per pack
  • Blended colors have at least two colors blended together with added strands of flash (see photos)

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