Beadmaster Tool


The BeadMaster tool is a revolutionary new product that helps you get a bead on your hook quickly and efficiently while fly tying. This handy tool offers many advantages over tweezers, needles, and fingers. The BeadMaster features a magnetic tip for easily selecting your fly hook off of the bench. Custom sized flexible mounting sockets hold your bead in place; you simply press the mount over your bead as it sits on any surface, thread your hook through the bead hole, and pull away from the mounting socket. It's as simple as that! The BeadMaster tool will save you a ton of time and frustration at the fly tying bench, so that you can focus more on cranking out those beautiful flies. Built with the highest quality materials and made in the USA!

  • Magnetic tip
  • Offset mounting hook
  • Industrial polyurethane
  • Machine polished stainless steel finish
  • Made in the USA