Barred Magnum Flashabou



Barred Magnum Flashabou features black and colored barring that is highly visible and creates a ton of movement in the water. These strong mylar fibers are thicker, wider, and longer than original flashabou and are the perfect synthetic alternative to grizzly saddle feathers. They also work great for bucktail and spinnerbait skirts for bass, pike, and musky, as well as intruder flies for steelhead and salmon. When you're looking to add a larger profile with high contrast and a lifelike movement to your flies and other baits, reach for Barred Magnum Flashabou. Our customers love it and the fish do to. Available in 6 fish-attracting colors!

  • Approximately 400 strands per hank
  • 1/32" wide by 20" long