Barred Crazy Legs



Hareline's Barred Crazy Legs are a new spin on their popular Crazy Leg fly tying material. These thin, flat silicone legs feature a barring pattern resembling fish scales. Combine that with contrasting metallic flakes and you've got yourself some of the fishiest, sparkly legs with an attractive flutter in the water. Barred Crazy Legs come on skirts to keep them neat and organized at your fly tying bench. Just cut off the amount you need, tie them in, and you've got a fly with extra lifelike movement. One of our favorite attractor legs to use on streamers, stonefly nymphs, large dry flies and more. Available in 8 fish-attracting colors!

  • 5-1/2" long skirts
  • 100 legs per pack (5 skirts with 20 legs each)

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