UV2 Fusion Egg Beads


Spirit River

Spirit River's UV2 Fusion Egg Beads are the most realistic egg imitations on the market. Treated with a special UV2 dye, these eggs are more visible to the spectrum that fish naturally see underwater, making them extremely effective. To test this out, simply put these eggs under a UV light and see the magic of UV2 at work.

Since these eggs are hollowed out like a bead, they can either be slipped right onto your leader or worked into your favorite fly pattern. Some fly tiers even prefer to melt them directly onto a hook. When used to tie flies, these eggs are commonly paired with veiling yarn or even worked onto the head of streamers like the Egg Sucking Leech. Whether you use them on their own or integrated into a pattern, Spirit River's UV2 Fusion Egg Beads bring realism without any of the fuss! Available in your choice of 4 sizes (listed below) and 15 realistic colors!

Available Sizes:

  • 6mm - 50 per pack
  • 8mm - 40 per pack
  • 10mm - 30 per pack
  • 12mm - 20 per pack

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