Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs



Hedron's Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs are high-quality round rubber legs that are made right here in the USA. Particular emphasis was placed on the durability of these rubber legs. They can withstand sharp fish teeth, aggressive bites, and structure in the water that might normally cause abrasion to similar materials. In addition, Perfect Rubber Silicone Legs can handle ultra-thin GSP threads, even when cranked down on. These strong and stretchy legs are perfect for streamers, bass poppers, sea trout flies, hoppers, nymphs and more. With vibrant colors and great retention in a buoyant, soft, and strong round strand, Hedron has created the "Perfect Rubber" legs. Available in 14 fish-attracting colors!

  • 10" in length
  • 0.9mm in diameter
  • Approximately 50 strands per pack

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