Chocklett's Sili Skin



Chocklett's Sili Skin is a versatile fly tying material for building incredibly realistic minnow and baitfish imitations like the popular Gummy Minnow. Since its introduction, the Gummy Minnows has been credited with catching trout, bass, panfish, and just about everything that swims inshore saltwater, and has become the #1 Los Roques bonefish pattern. This translucent, ultra-stretchy, gummy-like material is an excellent choice for tying scud and crab casings as well. If you tie baitfish patterns for saltwater, bass, or trout, you definitely need to give this revolutionary material a try. A fly tyer favorite and available in 12 fish-attracting colors!

Please note: Mother Of Pearl color has a red backing, but once peeled off, it is a clear "oily" looking translucent sheet (not red).

  • One 2" x 12" adhesive-backed strip per pack