Regal Revolution Vise


Regal Engineering

The Regal Revolution Vise is the most versatile and elegant fly tying vise ever produced. The Revolution vise combines the ultimate hook holding power that Regal is famous for, and also offers you true in-line rotary function. You can rotate the vise for winding materials on the hook, or tighten the barrel and wrap materials in the traditional method. The Revolution is a true 360 in-line rotary vise revolving around a 360° axis and the stem articulates 220° up and down to accommodate your style and comfort. This premium vise also features Regal's top of the line Bronze Pocket Base, allowing you to store your hooks, beads, and other materials securely in the pockets for better organization and to prevent them from getting lost at your fly tying bench. The Traditional Jaw securely holds hooks ranging in size from 22 to 1/0. If you're looking for one of the best rotary fly tying vises on the market, the Regal Revolution Vise sits near the top of our list. Made in the USA!

  • True 360 degree in-line rotary vise
  • Traditional Jaw accommodates size 22 to 1/0 hooks
  • 220 degree articulating stem
  • Bronze pocket base
  • Made in the USA
  • Free USPS Priority Shipping Included!

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