Hedron Flashabou

Founded in 1982, Hedron saw the need to add "flash" to flies as a means of improving the fly fisherman's productivity and ingenuity. With the birth of their first fly tying product, Flashabou Original, Hedron instanty set off an industry-wide craze that set the standard and led the way for numerous imitators and countless product variations. Today the original, genuine Flashabou is joined by a complete line of synthetics for the enthusiast fly tyer, including: Glow-in-the-Dark Flashabou, Holographic Flashabou, Saltwater Flashabou, Flashabou Accent, Big Fly Fiber, Polarflash, Lateral Scale, and a variety of other fly tying products. At Fly Artist, we're proud to bring Hedron's offerings to you all in one place.