Regal Aluminum Base Travel Vise


Regal Engineering

The Regal Travel Vise is the perfect fly tying vise to fit in your boat bag, back pack, or luggage. Even though this vise was already regarded as one of the best travel vises on the market, Regal has found a way to make it even better! They have changed the stem and base design to make it as compact and stable as possible while allowing the vise head to rotate 360 degrees without contacting the stem. This makes it much easier to look at the other side of your flies while tying. The new stem also changes the center of gravity providing an even more rock solid tying platform. Includes regular head with jaws that accommodate hook sizes 22 to 1/0, articulating stem for a customizable tying angle, and aluminum pedestal base with pockets to store your hooks and beads. The Regal Travel Vise is a tried and true travel vise that will hold your flies with confidence. We can't recommend it enough!

  • Regular vise head accommodates hook sizes 22 to 1/0
  • Articulating stem
  • Aluminum pedestal base with pockets
  • Regal medallion on vise head
  • Made in the USA