Regal Tool Bar


Regal Engineering

The Regal Tool Bar is machined from metal and features a beautiful anodized matte black finish. This high quality toolbar attaches easily to any vise stem (3/8" and smaller) and can be positioned by the fly tyer to suit their style. It comes pre-drilled with 3 large holes and 4 smaller holes on top, as well as 4 small holes on each side, allowing you to keep all of your fly tying tools within reach as you tie. Great for storing scissors, bobbins, threaders, bodkins and more. We believe the Regal Tool Bar to be the best on the market and use it on all of our fly tying vises. We can't recommend it enough!

  • Fits vise stems 3/8" and smaller
  • 4-1/2" in length by 3/4" square with rounded edges
  • Made in the USA

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