Ephemera Pure Silk Thread


54 Dean Street

Ephemera Pure Silk Thread is the best possible choice for the most demanding classic fly dresser, perfect as a fly tying thread for making bodies on wet flies. At the same time it represents an excellent choice also for tying classic salmon flies, both dressed in the hands and at the fly tying vise. Thin and resistant, Ephemera Pure Silk Thread is available in a wide range of bright and shiny colors, selected and developed with the collaboration of experts and representative classic fly tiers, such as Alberto Calzolari and Junji Ichimura.

Ephemera Pure Silk Thread is also ideal for rod builders wanting to wrap snake guides and agate guides on bamboo and fiberglass rods. This thread allows you to obtain perfect results that are fine and elegant. Easy to use, it is undoubtedly the most versatile pure silk thread on the market today. Considered by many to be an upgrade over Pearsall's Gossamer Silk which has been discontinued, Ephemera Pure Silk Thread has been produced in France for over 180 years and is available in your choice of 16 colors!

  • 100 meter spool (109 yards)
  • 6/0 thickness (comparable to Pearsalls Gossamer Silk Thread)
  • Wooden bobbin is compatible with most standard fly tying bobbins (adjustable leg type)