Spirit River UV2 Bucktail


Spirit River

Spirit River UV2 bucktails are treated with a specially formulated UV2 dye. This proprietary dye process enhances the bucktail with UV fluorescing and reflecting properties, increasing the visibility and giving off a natural color spectrum that fish are attracted to. The hair fibers are long and perfect for all fly tying, jig tying, and lure making applications. If you're looking for quality bucktails with a secret advantage, give these UV2 bucktails a try. Available in 22 beautiful colors including the new Pastel line!

Customer Reviews

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Charmaine Chapman
Good stuff!

The colors were super bright and just what we wanted, the ordering process was easy, the price comparable to what you’d pay anywhere else, and it was delivered in a timely fashion! I would absolutely purchase from here again and recc. Them to friends!

Tim B
Great Musky Bucktails!

I make many varieties of bucktail musky lures . I have always appreciated the size and quality i have recieved from Spirit River Bucktails. Bucktails Musky Inhailers!

Mark B.
Cool Colors!

All of the Hareline bucktails I have purchased have been high quality, and these pastel colors were no exception. I always use bucktail fibers for my wings and tails on fly patterns and the intense pastel colors are interesting and provide some differentiation in my fly box.

Ed's Fly Box
Great quality bucktail

Used these UV2 bucktails for tying pike flies. Good color throughout. Plenty of deer hair for tying. Should last for many flies.

Alfred M.
High Quality Buck Tail

These buck tails are fantastic. The fibers are evenly dyed and vibrant and I've found the UV2 treatment to make a difference. I'll be purchasing more from Fly Artist when I need to restock. Thank you!