Double Barrel Popper Bodies


Flymen Fishing Company

Double Barrel Popper Bodies are an innovative, modern, soft-foam popper body that makes it easy to tie poppers, sliders, and diver flies. They have several unique advantages over other popper bodies in that they can be tied on with the cup facing forward to create popper flies, or in reverse to create slider, diver, and Sneaky Pete style foam flies. Double Barrel Popper Bodies feature a deeper cup for a louder "pop" when working your fly, and recessed eye sockets to accommodate adhesive eyes like Fish-Skull Living Eyes. Eyes sold separately.


  • Extra-Small - 13 L mm x 10 mm W x 8 mm H. Fits #8 hooks and 3 mm eyes (8 per pack)
  • Small - 16 mm L x 13 mm W x Height 10 mm H. Fits #6 hooks and 3 mm eyes (8 per pack)
  • Medium - 21 mm L x 17 mm W x 13 mm H. Fits #2 hooks and 4 mm eyes (8 per pack)
  • Large - 27 mm L x 20 mm W x 18 mm H. Fits 2/0 - 4/0 hooks, 28 mm shanks, and 6 mm eyes (6 per pack)
  • Extra-Large - 33 mm L x 27 mm W x 26 mm H. Fits 4/0 - 6/0 hooks, 40 mm shanks, and 8.5 mm eyes (4 per pack)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
McFly Angler
Perfect Popper Bodies!

These popper bodies are easy to work with and make great poppers and sliders. They slide on to a hook with out splitting, and have great action on the water.

Eli L.
Work perfectly!

I purchased these in an effort to make tying topwater bass flies faster and easier than craft foam. These heads are very durable, easy to tie with, and produce a great action on the water. Will be using these from here on out!

Bobby F.
Want to catch bass?

These make a splash in a big way! If you want to call the bass to the surface, tie some of these up!! Literally on my first cast I landed a 3lb smallmouth with one of these. They truly throw a lot of water, float very well, cast well and are extremely durable.

Dick Aguirre
Great Popper Bodies That Produce!

I have been using these double barrel popper bodies for about a year. They are very easy to tie with and also easy to paint. They have great action and float high on the water. You can’t beat them for the price. My go-to material when tying poppers!