Strung Guinea Feathers



Hareline's strung guinea fowl feathers are an exotic fly tying material for tying soft hackles on steelhead and salmon flies and are also perfect for collars, tails, cheeks, and wingcases on bass and saltwater fly patterns. The beautiful spotted / dotted speckling on these feathers enhance the look of your fly and add a bold color contrast that will grab the attention of hungry fish in search of a meal.

Apart from their many uses for fly tying, Guinea feathers are also great for arts, crafts, and jewelry making applications. They make wonderful earrings, necklaces, chokers, hat adornments, wristbands, and feather face masks for costumes just to name a few.

These strung guinea feathers are ultra select, clean, and are available in 16 beautifully dyed colors to suit all of your fly tying and creative needs!

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