Spirit River UV2 Premium Marabou


Spirit River

Spirit River's UV2 Premium Selected Marabou are some of the best quality fly tying feathers we have seen. They have been UV2 dyed which enhances the fluorescing and reflecting properties, increasing the visibility and giving off a color spectrum more visible to fish. These strung marabou feathers have been chosen for their superior quality. They are long, perfectly dyed, and are great for hackle on large wet flies such as sculpins, salmon & steelhead intruder style flies, as well as spey flies, and saltwater streamers. They have thin and flexible tips, allowing for at least 3 hackle turns, and can be used on many different patterns. If you need long, full, and consistently sized marabou feathers for fly tying, these are the ones for you!

  • 5" - 7" long
  • Approximately 15 feathers per pack