Ringneck Pheasant Tail Pair



Ringneck pheasant tail feathers are a staple in the fly tying world. These premium tail feathers have been hand-selected by Hareline to be the two most identical feathers from each bird. They feature a rich iridescent hue that ads a buggy and lifelike appearance to your fly and are available in natural as well as 8 beautifully dyed colors. The fibers from these pheasant tails are perfect for tying bodies, gills, legs, tails, wings, and wingcases on many trout and steelhead flies. They are essential for tying many popular nymph patterns. If you're looking for the best quality pheasant tail feathers on the market, these are the ones. A must-have material at the fly tying bench!

  • 2 matching feathers per pack
  • Approximately 16" to 17" in length