Peacock Eyed Sticks



Hareline's peacock eyed sticks are the eye feathers from a male peacock. They are the fly tier's choice when wanting the best quality and the most variety of herl sizes. The herl features a naturally reflective sheen that attract fish and can be used for a multitude of patterns. Great for tying thoraxes and bodies on trout flies and much more. Use the herl 3 inches below the eye when tying medium to larger bodied flies, and the fine herls from the eye when tying midge to small patterns. An essential fly tying material to have at the bench and available in your choice of 3 colors! Approximately 14" in length per stick.  

  • Natural - 4 sticks per pack
  • Black - 3 sticks per pack
  • Red - 3 sticks per pack