Natural Grizzly Mini Marabou



Hareline's Natural Grizzly Mini Marabou Feathers, also known as Chickabou, are taken from the feathers of a chicken and are a great fresh & saltwater fly tying material for bonefish, permit, and more. The natural grizzly striped pattern creates a contrast that is very effective in getting the attention of hungry fish. These high quality mini marabou feathers are nice and webby, making them the perfect choice for tying small streamers, nymphs, and emerger flies where a nice soft hackle is ideal. They are also great for tying smaller bass and crappie jigs. Hareline Natural Grizzly Mini Marabou is available in 10 fish-attracting colors, so try out a few colors and see what the fish are biting on!

  • 2" to 2.5" long feathers on average (some shorter and longer)
  • 4" x 6" bag