Grizzly Soft Hackle



Hareline's Grizzly Soft Hackle feathers are thin-stemmed, webby feathers with a beautiful barring pattern. These soft hackle feathers create a lot of contrast and lifelike movement in the water that capture the attention of hungry game fish. Great for creating tails, throats, collars, and beards on your favorite trout wet flies, bass and panfish bugs, and they are the perfect fly tying material for collaring smaller salmon and steelhead flies. Grizzly Soft Hackle is a key material for tying Kathy Beck's Super Bugger fly. If you're looking for great soft hackle feathers with a ton of contrast, Hareline's Grizzly Soft Hackle feathers are the ones to get. Available in 10 fish-attracting colors!

  • 30-40 feathers per pack
  • 1.5" - 3" long feathers
  • 4" x 8" package size

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