CDC Super Select Feathers


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Fly tiers have long recognized the miraculous qualities of CDC, or cul-de-canard, which grow near the preen glands of ducks. These are specially selected duck feathers that contain natural oils. This makes them perfect for extra buoyant dry flies, and also creates realistic motion when used in soft hackle collars for nymphs. These naturally oily feathers can also trap air under the water, mimicking the trapped air bubbles seen in emerging insects. The stems of these feathers are long, the fibers are full, and they are dyed to perfection. In addition to that, these large 1 gram packs contain 100 to 120 feathers, enough to keep your CDC fly stash replenished for a long time to come. CDC Super Select feathers are by far the best quality on the market! Available in your choice of 14 fish-attracting colors!

  • Feather Length: 1.25" to 2.75"
  • Package Size: 1 Gram (approximately 100 - 120 feathers)

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