UV Flexi Squishenille



UV Flexi Squishenille is Hareline's latest chenille creation. This unique, squishy chenille is like no other on the market and features UV Ice dub interlaced in the fibers to add a subtle sparkle and flash. The chenille is squishy, flexible, and very durable. Fish not only hit flies tied with Squishenille, but they hold on and chew them! Perfect for collars, bodies, tails, and can be incorporated in dubbing brushes as well. Use it on any pattern that calls for standard chenille and hold on tight! Available in 4 sizes and 20 fish-attracting colors!

  • Micro - For small sized flies (5 feet per pack)
  • Small - For small to medium sized flies (5 feet per pack)
  • Medium - For medium to large sized flies (4 feet per pack)
  • Large - For large freshwater and saltwater flies (4 feet per pack)

Also available with a black core called UV Badger Flexi Squishenille.

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