Hareline Antron Yarn



Antron yarn is a multi trilobal filament yarn with a wavy texture. This versatile fly tying material is easy to work with, reflects light, and gives off a beautiful shine. Antron yarn is a popular choice for parachute posts, trailing shucks, bodies, wings, legs, and even as an additive in dubbing for extra shine and reflection. Available in a ton of popular colors and spooled for easy use.

  • 4 yards per spool

Customer Reviews

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Tom Maxwell
Subtle Flash

This wonderful, versatile material has multiple uses for fly tiers:

Nymphs: Chop up and blend in with your dubbing to add a subtle flash.

Emergers: Use under a split wing case to imitate a developing wing

Dry Flies: Make a fisherman-friendly visible wing.

Streamers: Blend with other synthetic wing material and add a subtle flash to flies for those shy Brown Trout and for Saltwater species..

Erik B.
Antron Yarn

I use Antron yarn for trailing shucks on many emerger patterns. Great value and a very nice product. Also, I like that it comes on a spool. It makes it much easier to dispense.