Veevus Iris Thread

IV11 -- (i01)


Veevus Iris Thread is like a miniature diamond braid with a tremendous amount of flash. This fly tying thread is strong, textured, and extremely versatile. Wrap it flat for bodies, or put a few twists in it and you have an excellent ribbing material. You'll discover a ton of great uses for it and it's available in 20 fish-attracting colors.

  • 30 meter spool (33 yd.)

Customer Reviews

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Mark Cappello

Great people fast ship

Ken Norton
Great product from Veevus!

Makes for some great bling-y ribs. I like to hold it with a hackle plier after cut to keep it from coming undone, and spin it clockwise before applying for more sparkle.

Jeremy S.
Love This Stuff

I really like using this iridescent veevus thread on my euro body nymphs. I also use it for my abdomen on parachute and catskill style dries.

Patrick R.
Great Stuff!

I purchased the smolt blue iridescent veevus thread, and absolutely love it. White core with a super-thin fiber of flash material running parallel with the thread, in an extremely slow helix around the core. It gives off the look of a silver-backed colored tinsel shred for the flash portion. Personally, I use this for the body of a "Patriot" dry fly, which makes the shimmer a little less "flashy" than the original pattern, but which unexpectedly seems to catch more trout on my local waters. The product itself lays like a (two or three 8/0 threads-thick) braid, if not torqued down super-tight when wrapping; don't expect a single-thread-diameter product, but this is in no way as bulky as diamond braid or the likes. I love the stuff, can't praise it enough!