Daiichi 1110 Wide Gape Dry Fly Hook with Oversized Eye

Daiichi 1110 Wide Gape Dry Fly Hook



The Daiichi 1110 hook was originally designed by Jim Lepage and the Orvis Co. and patented as the “Big Eye” hook. It features an oversized eye to facilitate easy threading of tippet material, and has the dimensions of a modern dry fly hook, including a slightly wider gape. 

  • Oversized straight eye
  • 1X fine wire
  • Model perfect bend
  • Wide gape
  • Bronze finish
  • Uses: Standard dry flies
  • 25 hooks per pack

Customer Reviews

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Shane Coburn
Favorite Dry Fly Hook

I've been using these Daiichi 1110 hooks for a few seasons now and they've never let me down. They've held up to some pretty big trout and I've never had any fail on me. The hook points are super sharp and the overall finish of these hooks are exceptional. When it comes to fly tying hooks, I'll only use Daiichi.